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Small Business eCommerce Website -

A small business eCommerce website that I designed for comedian Lil Duval’s online shop The store originally started on the Big Cartel platform, but the client wanted a solution that was hosted on his own domain. The website features a premium WordPress theme which I customized. The eCommerce part of the website runs on the WooCommerce platform.

The Design

The design featured on this small business eCommerce website is very simple. The main focus of the site are the products, so minimal design with quick loading time is key. The client had an existing logo of a character that I wanted to incorporate on the site. But they did not have the original logo. I recreated it off a picture I was provided in Adobe Illustrator. I had not used Illustrator in a few years, so it was nice to know that I still had it 😉

Switching From Big Cartel to WooCommerce

Making the switch from Big Cartel to the WooCommerce wasn’t really a challenge for me as a website designer. But I did come across one major problem that I had a hard time finding a solution to. I set up shipping in WooCommerce. Different items had different shipping rates. And when the clients were checking out, the WooCommerce shipping was listed as a line item. And then Paypal was actually charging a flat fee for shipping.

Initially I thought this was a problem with the way I had WooCommerce set up. But then I went back to the test website (which worked just fine) and input the client’s Paypal email address. Now shipping was being charged twice there as well. At this point I knew there was something going on within that Paypal account.

After doing a little research, I learned that with Big Cartel, you set the shipping prices in Paypal. So I had to have the client go back into their Paypal and remove the shipping information. This corrected the problem.

If you are switching over from Big Cartel to any other shopping cart solution make sure to remove your Paypal shipping setup before making the switch!

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