Some Of The Most Common & Silly Mistakes That Are Made By New Bloggers

Some Of The Most Common & Silly Mistakes That Are Made By New Bloggers

Actually, even experienced bloggers sometimes make some of these mistakes even when they should know better. Here are the 5 common mistakes of new bloggers that are entirely avoidable – and once you are aware of them, you should be able to make the most of the enthusiasm that most bloggers begin with.

1. Being in a hurry to post

This is entirely understandable, and we really have no intention of denying you that once in a lifetime joy of watching your first post come alive on the Net. Once you are done with that, however, it is time to set up your blog properly. Especially if you are using WordPress, there are a number of tweaks and innumerable plug-ins to choose from that can make your blogging life easy and super-productive. There is a lot of material available on the Internet, and you should certainly read extensively before you start posting in earnest. Meanwhile, take notes of your ideas and keep writing those draft posts by all means.

2. Not knowing how to write for the Web

If you are into blogging, you can probably write. You may even have won awards at essay writing competitions in school. Still, the Internet is a different medium, and you must learn how to write for the Web. The Microsoft Manual of Style is a good place to start. There is a lot of material by experienced bloggers and online authors to be found by a simple Google search. Do spend the time reading about how to captivate your audience in a few seconds. Learn about the ‘inverted pyramid‘ style of writing. Learn the tricks of the trade so that your articles always find readers.

3. Not caring about titles

Most of your visitors will come from organic search results. If you have written a piece on how to grow daisies at home, your readers will have found you after a search regarding how to grow daisies at home. However, if your title is just that sentence, you will not stand out amongst other results that will also appear on the first page of search results (we are assuming you have ranked on the first page already).Think about something along the lines of ’5 Simple Tips to Grow Daisies at Home’ or ‘Are You Aware of these 3 Secrets of Growing Daisies at Home?’. Being Enticing and Specific – that’s how you draw visitors. More homework for you: learn to write great headlines, or you will never have readers for your wonderfully written content.

4. Not caring for SEO

Fortunately, with Google’s latest updates, content is now truly valued by the search engines – which is why we dared to assume that your content, which we are sure is just wonderful, will actually reach the first page of search results. However, we were being somewhat aggressively optimistic, and content alone may not give you a first page ranking – life is often unfair! Many aspiring bloggers create great content and then give up when they find that they are getting almost no visitor even after months of dedicated work. Don’t let this be you. Learn about SEO - it is simpler now with the emphasis on content, as we have stated already, and once you know the basics, you can concentrate on writing again.

5. Not being social enough

Blogging is socializing, isn’t it? You are writing so that people read. You’d surely welcome comments and heated discussions on what you have written. You’d want people to discuss your blog elsewhere – on their own blogs, on social networks, and even offline, if that’s achievable. So why aren’t you promoting your blog? Too many new bloggers think making regular posts is all there is to it. Sure, you have optimized your blog and are getting decent traffic, but you have also become part of a huge network of bloggers. By all means, connect with them, comment on their blogs, invite them to yours, create a Facebook Page of your blog, link your posts to your LinkedIn profile, tweet about your latest posts – the list is almost endless. Well, not quite. However, there’s a lot that you can do (without being spammy) to let people know about yourself. So, never skip the socializing bit.

There’s a lot more that new bloggers often miss out on. The worst part is when they are not even aware of what they are doing wrong. If you are among them, make a fresh start today by correcting the mistakes we have listed above and you will soon be able to take it from there and make for yourself an even better name in the Blogosphere as well as in the rest of the Internet.

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Robert Bryant is an online consultant for Beaver Mountain – log homes. He likes blogging about online strategies that are related to Social Media, SEO, Online Marketing etc.

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