Lessons Learned from Networking with No Business Card

Morning Print Business CardsI am very happy to announce that I just received my first ever shiny new business cards. As you can see they are literally shiny. But they really are my very first set of business cards.  And that is a fact that I am very embarrassed about.

The Backstory

I have been freelancing consistently since 2009. Most of my business comes from word of mouth. Up until a few weeks ago I had a full time job to rely on. Having business cards was the last thing on my mind since this was only a side business. Now that I have taken my business full time, business cards are essential.

Networking Without A Business Card

One of my plans for taking my business on full time was to network as much as possible. I have had a few opportunities to meet some new people in the past few weeks. The embarrassing part has been not having business cards to give to these people. Although no one ever said anything, I did feel judged because I didn’t have one.

Business Cards That Stand Out

After my networking embarrassment, I decided it was time to design some business cards for myself. I opted for a very simple design. I knew that I wanted my logo and website to be prominent. I also wanted to include a brief summary of the services I offer. Then of course I included standard contact information.

Below is a picture of my final design. As you can see it is very simple.

StylishInk.com Pink Business Card Design

I knew that I wanted my business card to stand out. A while ago, a friend introduced me to a company that specializes in business cards. They have lots of really cool paper to choose from, including plastic business cards and clear business cards. I opted for some metallic paper stock called Star Dream. You can see the final product pictured at the beginning of this post.

Since I change my mind all the time, I ordered a pack of 200 cards. That should get me through for a while, and I can always make changes I want later on, including selecting different card stock.

Lesson Learned

The most important lesson I learned from this business card situation is that business cards are important. They’re not just important to other people’s business. They are essential to your business.

Whether you are just starting out as a blogger or have had a business for a while, you need a professionally designed business card. Let Stylish Ink design your next set of business cards. Contact me today to get started.

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